Covid-19 has changed our lives made it advanced to the way we were living, food is something we should pay attention to & more than that we need to look after our lungs more than ever. 

Covid-19 affects our lungs and makes it difficult for us to breathe the more it gets into our lungs. So we need to take care and have foods that help us keep our lungs more healthy than ever. There is a certain food that is just necessary for getting immunity for the prevention of covid-19.



It promotes good health, clears up cough and cold that are caused in the lungs, it strengthens immunity within the lungs. It’s also known as turmeric latte all over the world. Turmeric helps in reducing inflammation and congestion caused due to respiratory ailments. The active compound in turmeric cleanses the lungs naturally. It also helps in building immunity and detoxifying the body.



Ginger is used to help to cure a common cold and cough, ginger is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. The root helps in removing the toxins from the respiratory tract. Which is exactly what is needed to help you build immunity against Covid-19. It helps to maintain lung health.



Honey is a natural sweetener and is popular for its antibacterial properties that help in reducing respiratory problems. It helps in clearing the air passage and maintaining the health of your lungs. A spoonful of honey in warm water is extremely beneficial for cleansing your lungs. It also helps in relieving cold and cough. Replace your sugar with honey today.

Ishita Makhija

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